Career Management And The Gulf Oil Spill

Responsible career management is the ability to recognize opportunities and position yourself well to positively contribute to a triple bottom line of planet, people, and profit. As the Gulf Oil Spill and its impact on our environment and the gulf communities continue to grow, many have proposed solutions to contain the spill and clean up its damage.  Fundamentally, there are three ways that the Gulf Oil Spill could change your responsible career management: (1) immediate changes in what you do today, (2) make a career move and start applying for jobs at companies committed to responsible business or that preserve or restore our environment, and (3) getting involved to change energy policy.

Today, we will focus on the first way you can contribute - What can you do today to help with the Gulf Oil Spill?

Many people and organizations are asking themselves this same question. Some organizations such as InnoCentive have put together a competition to find the best solution.  An elegant solution using hey has been proposed by CWRoberts, a contractor in Tallahassee, FL with offices throughout the Gulf of Mexico.  CW Roberts proposes to use hay to soak up the oil and clean up the water - for a demonstration, see their video on YouTube:

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This elegant idea is gaining momentum: Farmers have offered to donate hay, and CWRoberts is under contract with the Walton County's Office of Emergency Management to prevent the oil spill from damaging their beaches.  Great example of responsible career management - innovative and simple solutions that address a pressing need while using methodologies that do not further arm our environment.

But you can do a number of other things that you can do today to make a difference in the Gulf Oil Spill and can prepare you for your next career move.  For example, you could volunteer online or in-person through the Coalition to restore coastal Louisiana (, the Oiled Wildlife Care Network ( or Oil Spill Volunteers (  Volunteering is an outstanding career management strategy to help you emerge as a responsible career professional.

Finally, as a consumer, there are a number of steps you could take to reduce your oil consumption.  Can you car pool or bike or walk to work?  Can you switch to a hybrid car?  Can you buy a new tankless water heater?  All these actions cumulatively taken will decrease demand, and in turn will contribute to decrease the probability of more off shore drilling.  These actions will also contribute to creating jobs in triple bottom line businesses, amplifying their positive impact on people and the planet.

There are a number of ways that the Gulf Oil Spill can serve as a trigger for you to refine or rethink your responsible career management.  In future posts I will discuss various ways you can make a career move and start applying for jobs at  companies committed to responsible business or that preserve or restore our environment.  We will also discuss how you could get involved in energy policy change.  In the meantime I look forward to your questions and comments!

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