Celebrating Energy Heroes: Dixie Viesca

The Celebrating Energy Heroes Series is a way for everyday people to be recognized for their efforts in supporting clean, renewable energy for a green energy future. This post's Energy Hero comes from Las Vegas, Nevada. Her name is Dixie Viesca. I interviewed Dixie Viesca on a scorching 100+ degrees F summer day standing on a sidewalk outside the University of Nevada Las Vegas, where President Obama was addressing energy and economy in the region. She had a shirt that read "Make Our Energy Clean, Make it American" and holding a sign with the same text. She was a sweet lady, see the picture.

Dixie Viesca is a nurse in the labor and delivery department. She was once a school teacher. She is proud to be a 45 year old mother of two, married. And she supports clean and renewable energy. Her statements on why she voted for President Barack Obama:

"I voted for Obama because  clean and green energy needs to do more... I like to see more federal subsidizing, for everything for reusable energy."

Her statements on the BP Oil Spill:

"Can we stop the offshore oil drilling because we've ruined the Gulf for the next 50 to 150 years... We don't have enough to fulfill our energy needs, but we need to start investing in green energy."

Her statements on whether she would purchase a solar photovoltaic energy system for the roof of her home:

"I can't afford it."

In how many years would you like a solar energy system to pay itself back in initial cost in order for you to want to purchase one?

"If you can show me a five year pay back, then sure... but 7-8 years and then you have to start worrying about always moving out your house."

Her expectations for the United States:

"If we are going to debt, I want it improving our infrastructure for clean energy, setting it up, making it, building it -- will create jobs.

Interestingly enough, the University of Nevada Las Vegas is known for being one of the more apathetic schools in the nation. A professor once recalled anecdotally how some years ago a protest was started to oppose the Vietnam War. The protest was broken up by the students, who wanted to just go to class. To say that UNLV is not the best place for a protest may be an understatement. And yet, there she was, Dixie Viesca, a mother of two showing her support for clean energy.

If you know someone that is doing their part to support clean and renewable energy, please send me a message on Justmeans so I may celebrate their efforts. Or even leave their story in the comments. In supporting clean and renewable energy we are supporting the many, many future generations.