Celebrating Mothers through Fair Trade

(3BL and Just Means) - This Sunday we stop to appreciate the hardworking women in our lives: our mothers, mums, nanas, grannies and aunties. We do this because we love them. They've worked hard to make a way for us.  But, what if you could celebrate your mom while simultaneously celebrating other hard-working mothers? The fair trade movement makes this possible.

Mothers' Day just happens to land on the same weekend as World Fair Trade Day, May 10-11. Here are a few ways you can celebrate fair trade, honor your mom and the moms around the world who provide us with the products we love:

Bring your mom a bouquet of fair trade flowers: The flower industry has not taken care of its workers who are often women.  Workers are exposed to toxic poisons without proper protection, work in tiny green houses and are typically paid less than $1 per day.  When you buy fair trade flowers you know that your purchase is providing fair salaries for workers, protecting children from labor exploitation and banning the use of harmful chemicals.  Fairtrade International 'aims to protect and benefit workers on flowers farms by certifying those farms which ensure safety and good working conditions for their employees.'  You can order fair trade flowers at Organic Boutique, Sam’s Club, FTD, One World Flowers, 1-800 Flowers, Whole Foods and California Organic Flowers.

Bake fair trade banana bread for your Mothers' Day brunch:  Get the kids in on this one! Fair trade bananas are easy to find at your local Whole Foods. Use Nutiva organic, coconut oil to make the bread moist and Sunrise chocolate chips to make it extra special.  You can find a great variety of fair trade, baked goods recipes on Fair Trade USA's Mom's Make A World Of Difference campaign.  Fair Trade USA is also hosting a fair trade brunch on Pinterest. Browse for recipes and vote for your favorites by re-pinning them.

Send your mom a basket of fair trade chocolates and jewelry:  For $50, Global Exchange will send your mother a basket with a handmade tote bag from a women's cooperative in India, fair trade Earl gray tea, a Divine chocolate bar, a necklace made by Uganda refugees, a musical CD called Women from the World and a year-long membership to Global Exchange.  This basket is a steal, but order it ASAP!

Enjoy Sunday with your mom. Happy World Fair Trade Day and Happy Mothers' Day!