Climate Change Progress After One Year of Writing for Justmeans

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It has been about a year since I have been writing in the climate change and energy & emissions editorials. To sum the year for climate change: very little progress has happened.

After the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit, COP15, the issue of climate change has dwindled. I sincerely believe that the biggest effort to combat climate change has been in the thematic message of James Cameron's Avatar, of "noble stewardship of the planet." Otherwise, this has been a disappointing year for fighting climate change . It is disappointing because we know what is going on, and we know what we need to do. We know the CO2 in the atmosphere is climbing at alarming rates. We know this leads to a warmer climate. We know the consequences of a damaged planet: a weakened economy, a shortage of food and water, mass immigration, biodiversity loss, and threats to our national security. We know all the problems and more papers show up with the same message.

The solution is a concerted global effort of countries and binding legislation. Without it, we are hoping countries do the right thing, out of the goodness of their heart. We are hoping China would slow down its economic growth and wean off of fossil fuels. We are hoping India would not use its vast supply of coal, and invest in clean energy that it cannot afford on its own. We are hoping that the developed countries just pay for everything. We are hoping homeowners will just suck it up for the planet and pay for a solar photovoltaic installation on their roof. We are hoping commuters ditch their cars for bikes or skateboards. We can go on hoping, or we can get on with the action.

6.8 billion people are counting on a few hundred legislators to be the leaders that we need them to be.

Photo Credit: CIAT - International Center for Tropical Agricultu's