Divine Flavor Launches Sustainable Food Website

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Organic and non-GMO food is a growing trend among ethical consumers, who want their food purchases to be lighter on their health, animals and the planet. One family-built company based in Arizona is making a difference with its socially responsible approach to food production. Now the company wants its peers to follow suit.

Divine Flavor, a Mexican fair trade certified farm affiliated with food company Grupo Alta, has launched a revamped website. The new platform aims at strengthening the ties with growers and partners to make the supply chain more transparent, employees happier and customers more aware of the work it does.

The company already provides safe and sound working conditions, affordable healthcare and award-winning training programs and development opportunities to learn new skills.

Divine Flavor also uses sustainable techniques for its non-GMO food types. It employs an R&D team to introduce new flavors such as the company’s much-loved candy-flavored grapes and the flavorsome Tribelli mini-peppers.

“We’re excited to share the Divine Flavor mission with food industry players and consumers alike on our new website,” says Pedro Batiz, Divine Flavor’s sales VP. “Our employee-first, fair trade business model has served us well along the years. We now want to share it with the world and show that it’s profitable to strive to be socially responsible.”

To find out more about Divine Flavor, check out their website.

Image credit: Divine Flavor