Evanston IL the 2015 U.S. Earth Hour City Capital

(3BL Media/Just Means) - It’s that time of the year when we approach Earth Hour (March 28) and pause for a reflection on humanity’s actions on the planet and the effects its presence is having on Mother Earth. Earth Hour is a call for action on the climate. Organized by WWF, it is remembered across the globe, when millions of people switch off their lights on that date at 8:30pm local time. In some places, the cities organize official events.

In the U.S., major landmarks across the country, including One Times Square, the St. Louis Arch and the Golden Gate Bridge, will turns off the lights to support the action. But other smaller cities are getting in on the act, too. In coordination with the 9th annual Earth Hour celebration, local climate efforts are recognized through WWF’s Earth Hour City Challenge, a year-long challenge that honors cities that reduce their carbon footprint and respond to the threats of climate change.

The city of Evanston (IL) was selected from 44 U.S. entries to represent the country as the 2015 Earth Hour City Capital, picking up the crown from Chicago, the choice of 2014.

Among Evanston’s climate actions are strong sustainability standards for all new buildings and retrofitted existing facilities, installing solar panels on its water treatment facility, and using a municipal aggregation program to provide 100% renewable electricity for all homes and small businesses.

“We are extremely proud to be appointed the 2015 U.S. Earth Hour City Capital. It was an honor to compete alongside Cleveland and Seattle, large cities known for their sustainability efforts. I am looking forward to meeting with leaders from City Capitals across the globe to learn more about their green efforts and how Evanston can continue to improve our sustainable efforts,” Evanston Mayor Elizabeth B. Tisdahl said in press statement.

On Earth Hour day, Evanston will be tapping its strong social media reach to gather participation from residents and businesses in going dark at 8:30pm. As part of the city’s involvement, Mayor Tisdahl and Sustainability Manager Catherine Hurley will join WWF at ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability’s World Congress in Seoul, South Korea April 9-12 where it will share and exchange experiences with other 1,400 city representatives from all over the world.

What are your plans for Earth Hour?

Image credit: WWF