Four in Five Americans Favor Companies with Green Behaviors

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – There is a growing belief among American corporations that greener business practices can help them achieve competitive business advantage. A new consumer survey by NYC-based Tiller, LLC, which provides marketing consultancy for major US companies, strongly supports this belief.

Tiller Green Survey conducted nationwide has revealed that 78 percent or nearly four in five American consumers believe that it is important to “purchase products from a socially or environmentally responsible company.” In fact, 43 percent of the respondents said that they have declined to buy a product over the last 12 months out of concern for the impact that the product or its packaging might have on the environment.

The respondents largely considered it irrelevant whether a business adopted greener practices for profit or altruistic motives. As long as a company goes “green,” 72 percent of the respondents said they do not care why it did so. More than 75 percent of the survey respondents said it is important to buy eco-friendly appliances, consumer electronics, and everyday household chemicals and cleaning products.

Three in five Americans said that they will make a New Year’s resolution to lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle in 2015. Over 90 percent of Americans believe it is important recycle, moderate household use of energy, and conserve water. According to the survey, women are more likely than men to experience “green guilt” or feel concerned about the challenges posed by global warming.

Rob Densen, CEO of Tiller, said that there is no doubt that the environment is emerging as a central concern for most Americans. The survey was conducted over four days in December by the polling firm Pollara Strategic Insights. It covered 1,005 respondents across all 50 states.

Source: Tiller Green Survey

Image Credit: Flickr via simonleuf