History via Social Media: Ask America Road Trip

We just talked about how Ask America is an ingenious effort by Yahoo! to get public opinion by ways of a social media platform. However, Ask America is doing a little more than asking you to participate and speak out your mind on a website. In addition to gathering feedback and counting votes on their Ask America midterm elections forum, Yahoo! News has hit the road to talk to you.

They are doing what embodies “social media” and the marvelous ways in which it can be employed to its full potential. With live videos, the Ask America blog and info on the Twitter such as instant pictures showing us what they are seeing and hearing, they are making history and writing history as it happens.

The Ask America van has been traveling the country to speak to people about their take on things and how they feel about the various issues that will determine their future in America.

They embarked on this exciting adventure last week and this is how they have planned it so far:

9/28: Tampa, Fla.

9/30-10/2: Miami

10/8-10/10: Los Angeles

10/12: Sacramento and San Rafael, Calif.

10/13: San Francisco

10/14: Sunnyvale, Calif.

10/17-10/20: Denver

10/22-10/23: Boulder, Colo.

10/27-10/30: Washington, D.C.

They started right here in Chicago and are in Florida at the moment, where Governor Charlie Crist's independent bid for a Senate seat is getting national attention. According to their schedule they will then go through the South and across the Southwest via historic Route 66, all the way to California. They will make pay a visit to Colorado, to see how the tea party's force could “help change the color of one of this battleground state's Senate seats from blue to red.” Finally in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 30, Ask American will just be in time for the rallies on the National Mall hosted by Comedy Central personalities Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert!

During these few weeks Ask America will have their "video ninja" Mike Byhoff speak to voters and find out their opinion. You can read more on the Ask America blog and he is also posting tidbits of info on the Twitter @AskAmerica. There is already a ton of useful and interesting information on their blog and twitter posts and I think as Americans we need to do our share and take part in the electoral process. This is one way of getting your voice heard and bringing about change.

Photo Credit: @AskAmericaVan