In Search of the Best Climate Change Blogger

In Search of the Ultimate Climate Change Blogger. Ever since the failed Copenhagen Conference of 2009 the topic of climate change has been put on hold. Scientists strive to continue their work in finding ways to repeat what they have been saying for years, the world is getting warmer. The world already has a line up of political champions and champion organizations dedicating their efforts to fight climate change. What needs mobilization is the general public and what better way than a trusty online blog?

We need everyday citizens to be better informed; we need everyday heroes. We need to understand that it is a worthwhile effort to gain an education, however minimal, in the science of climate change. There needs to be open discussion on climate change as seen in popular blogs. When you read a news post on the comments section is filled with nonsensical rambling. At the very least every one of those hundreds of people actually read the post. If a climate change blogger could drive that much traffic to their blog and actually provide worthwhile information in a fun and easy manner, then we can mobilize more citizens with the correct information.

Help, please post your favorite climate change blogs in the comments section below. Look at this picture from One Laptop per Child and I dare you to tell me you don't think education is important. If you're reading this, there is someone in your life that gave you valuable information that you couldn't put a price on. They taught you lessons: how to tie your shoes, how to use a keyboard, where to find the best information. For many today, a good blog is an easy way to stay informed, but where are the best climate change bloggers!?

No it is not me. I see the incredible value in mobilizing citizen engagement through social media. I do hope to keep business minded and environmentally aware people updated and informed with the truth to distinguish themselves from the masses of misinformed climate change skeptics. There is a real struggle for the truth and if you can help in any way and share with us your favorite climate change bloggers we can start building a network of concerned citizens and feature them here on justmeans.

Photo Credit: One Laptop Per Child

Juan Carlo is trying to not get too flustered by all the trash information out there on other blogs. Please help him by finding good climate change bloggers that we can network with and feature on justmeans. His hair has grown and will update his profile picture, someday, maybe.