Mary Kay’s Latest Research Shows America Wants To End Social Malaise

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Some interesting and positive results came out of Mary Kay’s sixth annual Truth About Abuse survey: one in two male millennials believe domestic abuse can be eliminated in America; people believe increased education about healthy relationships can make a difference; and the U.S. can end domestic abuse for the next generation. The research showed awareness about this issue is on the rise, as 53 percent of those surveyed say their understanding of domestic violence has improved in the past five years. However, it also highlighted that even though Americans’ awareness of domestic violence is improving, 65 percent of those surveyed have, sadly, experienced domestic abuse or are experiencing it themselves or know someone who is being abused.

Overall, this survey reveals progress is being made, flagging real opportunities to combat violence against women. This research is part of Mary Kay’s ‘Don’t Look Away’ campaign, which works to educate the public on recognising the signs of an abusive relationship, how to take action and to raise awareness for support services. Mary Kay Inc. and The Mary Kay Foundation so far have given $50 million to domestic violence prevention and awareness programs to end the cycle of abuse.

It is hoped that with increased awareness and by teaching children about healthy relationships from an early age that this ‘social ill’ can be stamped out. 71 percent of respondents in this survey feel confident enough that they would know what to do if someone they know was in an abusive relationship. One in two would intervene if someone they knew were in a verbally or physically abusive relationship. In partnership with loveisrespect, the 2015 Mary Kay Truth About Abuse Survey is exploring how Americans’ understanding of domestic violence is changing and is gauging attitudes with respect to this evolving issue.

One thousand men and women nationwide participated in an online survey this September, sharing their insights and stories on the topic of domestic violence. Mary Kay is the lead sponsor of the first-ever text-based helpline in the States, operated by loveisrespect. By texting ‘loveis’ to 22522, teens and young adults can be safely and discretely connected to trained peer advocates who provide support, safety tips and referrals.

Domestic violence is not just a U.S. issue or something that occurs in the western world. In spite of advances in women’s rights globally, violence against women and girls remains one of the most pervasive human rights abuse, happening behind closed doors in the home and all too often, initiated by an intimate partner. It is a social malaise experienced across the world, irrespective of social strata and cultural groups. Country data reveals that on average, 30 per cent of women who have been in a relationship report they have experienced some form of physical or sexual violence by their partner and as many as 38 per cent of murders of women are committed by an intimate partner. Time for a change in these grim statistics.

Photo Credit: Mary Kay/3BL Media