Mozilla's CSR Vision Inspires Free Courses

Career responsibility means more than just social entrepreneurship and commitment to a cause. The concept also applies to individual career growth. A job can challenge you and teach you new skills, but it's also important to push yourself beyond status-quo work. Do you feel like you're continuously learning? Have you been able to take a class since you were in school? You might have a tough time pursuing opportunities because of financial restrictions, or you may simply lack time.  No matter your situation, it's important to take a step back and to realize how important it is to invest in your professional development. You owe it to yourself to be your best.

Integrating values for personal career development with CSR objectives, Mozilla has designed a free professional resource that anyone can access. In the next few weeks, Mozilla plans to launch 30 classes revolving around topics including CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript. Volunteers will lead courses, and learning materials will be free and open.  Classes will cater to a range of professionals from beginners to experienced professionals. Starting on January 8th, you can register for courses on the School of Webcraft homepage. If you are an industry professional, you are welcome to submit your own proposals.

Mozilla designed this program as part of an overarching CSR vision-- the idea that the Internet should be open and that people should have access to high-quality learning materials. Furthermore, Mozilla believes in the power of open web-- that is, the power to "make a global impact" with ideas.

"At its core the open web is participatory, transparent, decentralized and generative. Existing content and software can easily be spun into something new. All without needing to ask for someone else’s approval or permission."

Mozilla believes in establishing a community to protect this open web. As professionals, we need to be proactive to maintain the power of transparency on the Internet. If we don't stand up for ourselves, engage in open dialogue, and collaborate, the web may lose its potential as a powerful CSR tool. Mozilla believes that we can't take the web for granted, and that it's our responsibility to equip generations of new developers with this CSR mindset.

It's not just about preservation either. It's about relying on one another to innovate and grow.

Can't afford to pursue training or earn a web development certificate? Looking to reach the next generation of web developers? Check out Mozilla's free courses, and contribute to their CSR goals. After all, the quality of their classes and more importantly, the future of the Internet depends on us. (PS. If you're unemployed or a college student, this free resource may be a great way to help you kick-start your career).

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