New Solar Initiative: US Senate Majority Harry Reid, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, and Energy Secretary Steven Chu

Not two hour ago US Senate Majority leader Senator Harry Reid, US Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, and US Secretary of Energy Steven Chu held a press conference to unveil a new solar energy initiative in the state. In front of a group of 50 members from the media each gave their praise and promise for Nevada to become the solar energy epicenter of the United States. Behind them were four solar panels, the American and Nevada flag. Above them, about 100 feet high, were an impressive array of 960 solar panels (estimated 2 Mega-watts) installed to power the Greenspun Hall at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. The solar initiative announced the Solar Demonstration Zone Project, which they promised would lead America and the Nation into the renewable energy future it must realize.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu was praised by Senator Harry Reid for his dedication to promoting renewable energy, his long history as a physicist and as a Nobel winning scientist. Energy Secretary Chu, as a member of the Obama Administration’s Cabinet, has been an advocate for renewable energy to combat climate change. The most memorable portion of his speech was the importance the private sector is in adopting the many great technologies that universities, such as UNLV, are making in solar, wind, and other renewable energy technologies.

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar was praised by Senator Harry Reid for being one of his best friends and having come from a marginal background from a poor ranch house with no electricity. Salazar’s parents worked hard to put him and five other siblings through college. Despite humble beginnings Ken Salazar has become a leader and advocate for renewable energy and displacing fossil fuel. As of late, Interior Secretary Salazar and Energy Secretary Chu have been working hard for the past 75 days on the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf. The most memorable portion of his speech was describing Nevada as a spear to lead the renewable energy industry, bringing in businesses and opening solar manufacturing facilities to create hundreds of new green jobs.

US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has tirelessly advocated solar and Nevada as the place to do it. "Nevada stands to be the leader in solar power production and technology development, especially with this kind of positive support from our federal partners. I am working on additional policies in the Senate to enhance Nevada's economy and create jobs through the production and export of clean renewable energy. The Nevada Test Site can and should be a proving ground for new ideas and for attracting new clean energy industries that will help our state and country compete globally”

The Solar Demonstration Zone will have 25 square miles of testing space in one of the most solar abundant areas in the nation. Nevada has over 300 days on average of sunny days. Clearly, these three great men, Harry Reid, Ken Salazar, and Steven Chu are in the right place to make an announcement on the solar and renewable energy industry.

Photo Credit: Juan Carlo Pascua

Juan Carlo Pascua is currently an Associate of Development at American Patriot Solar Community. "Energy independence... One rooftop at a time." tm