One of the Best Magazines for Energy and Sustainable Business: Sustainable Industries

The July issue of Sustainable Industries headlined: Energy Independence: New Investment Sparks District Energy and overall this magazine was one of the best reads this summer cycle of material. This issue focused on Clean Energy, but the layout is why I would recommend this to energy professionals and other like-minded and energy informed individuals.

The best part was the Sector Round-Up in the final five pages of the magazine. There was a Sector Round-Up for Green Building, Energy, Food & Farms, and Technology. In each Sector Round-Up a paragragph summary gives you a quick synopsis of an interesting or useful story important to that sector:

In the Energy Round-Up, the best story was the one regarding Skyline Solar's new patent using the "fast-track" patent program implemented by the U.S. Patent and Trademark office in 2009. The patent, according to Skyline, was for "dual-trough solar systems that yield about 30 percent more energy with faster assembly... Eligible patents were required to focus on one of four areas: environmental quality, renewable energy development, energy conservation or greenhouse gas emissions reductions."

In the Green Building Round-Up, the best story was the one regarding Haworth Inc.'s achievement of Gold LEED Rating for their New Construction using "carbon credits from a renewable energy project to achieve 'green' power credits rather than purchasing renewable energy credits... The company says it chose carbon credits instead of RECs because they offered assurance that renewable energy would be added to the grid" (Sustainable Industries, July 2010).

The Food & Farms Sector Round-Up had an interesting story of a market shop called Napa Farms Market opening in San Francisco International Airport Terminal 2. The market shop seeks out local food providers and in choosing local farms a great deal of transporation emissions are avoided. Another plus is that the sustainable market is to be located in a terminal that is hoping to achieve a LEED Silver Rating.

The Technology Sector Round-Up revealed a story of regarding Tesla Motors' plans to partner with Toyota to produce electric vehicles. Tesla purchased a vehicle manufacturing plant in Fremont, CA to produce its Model S car. "The company expects Model S production to create about 1,000 jobs. Tesla which was awarded $465 million in Department of Energy loans last year, has reported about $250 million in losses since its inception as of late 2009. And CEO Elon Musk is out of cash."

Following the Sector Round-Ups is a section for book reviews. This issue reviewed "The Responsibility Revolution: How the Next Generation of Businesses Will Win" and "Energy-Wise Landscape Design". Both receieved four stars.

The Events listing was on the final page that revealed some interesting events regarding sustainable industries throughout the US. Some of which were InterSolar, Hanson Bridgett's Sustainable Business Leadership Forum and the SolWest Renewable Energy Fair, among others. So far, Sustainable Industries is one of the Best Magazines for Energy and Sustainable Business that I've read.