Ritika Puri Joins Justmeans as Responsible Careers Blogger

Hello Justmeans Responsible Careers readers! My name is Ritika Puri, and I am a researcher, Internet industry professional, and writer from Southern California. Through my experiences in the nonprofit sector and the business community, I have developed a commitment to social entrepreneurship, and I believe that corporate responsibility stems from personal decisions at every level – no matter whether you operate a cash register, analyze data, command a marketing campaign, or serve as CEO. When it comes to making business better, everyone is responsible.

My goal over the next several months is to help you analyze the media trends that relate to responsible careers: unemployment, corporate leadership, personal leadership, education, employer relations, and fair wages. What I will bring to Justmeans is writing that radiates human interest with an intellectual edge. Above all, I am excited to learn from the community as I make my own responsible career decisions and grow into a business leader.

As a blogger, I strive to inspire meaningful conversations by asking challenging questions and by facilitating discussions across demographic groups. I hope to reach out to you and inspire you, whether you are a recent college graduate or seasoned professional, and I hope that you will continue the conversation by reading, responding, forming your own perspectives, and sharing your ideas.

In a society where the national unemployment rate hovers above nine percent, feelings of pessimism, skepticism, and criticism govern today’s job market. Hard workers, new and experienced, are scared about the future: whether we will be able to pursue our dreams, see our families succeed, make responsible career decisions, or at the most basic levels – sustain our livelihoods. For younger generations, the idea of career planning is becoming increasingly difficult as the cost of higher education is increasing to the point where for many, a degree is almost impossible to afford. After finishing college, grads are entering into circumstances of underemployment, oppressive student loans, and low wages. Across demographic groups, we are hurting psychologically, economically, and emotionally. We want more for ourselves, but we feel held back by forces outside of our control.

As a society and as individuals, it is imperative that we rethink our values and the means by which we achieve our goals. Through my writing, I hope to challenge the negative by focusing on the positive. Rather than dwelling upon what bothers us, I believe that it is most important to find constructive solutions – even if we’re stuck with no end in sight, brainstorming is the first step to creating momentum towards responsible career decisions and personal success.

I am excited to join the many conversations at Justmeans to explore, develop, explain, and challenge my perspectives and to help strengthen the community as a resource to build connections across professional sectors. You can get to know me by joining me on Justmeans, connecting with me on LinkedIn, following me on Twitter, reading about me in “The Wall Street Journal,” or visiting my personal website.

Image Credit: Ritika Puri