Social Media Trends: First British Royal Wedding of the Digital Era

Normally when we think of social media trends we think of the Internet and mobile based tools for sharing and discussing information; however there's another trend that involves a prince, wedding bells and a soon to be princess. As here in the UK we are getting ready for the first British royal wedding of the digital era. On 29 April 2011 when Prince William marries Kate Middleton the day will be captured, celebrated and observed by a series of social media firsts.

The first item to come out of the social media trends box is that this will be the first British royal wedding to be streamed live on the web, and this list goes on. As it will also be the first to have a mobile application; and the first with a soundtrack to be released on iTunes within hours of the ceremony. The Palace has been open to Universal Music Group, and its Decca record label, which plans to release the soundtrack of the wedding ceremony, on iTunes and later as a CD. In return Universal has promised a donation to charity.

A British Royal wedding is normally associated with pomp, tradition and a stiff upper lip, but now through technology it is interactive, cross-platform, multimedia, multichannel, hyperlinked, 24/7, user-generated, search-engine-optimised, downloadable extravaganza! Yes, the Royals are embracing social media trends galore. There is an official website, Facebook page and of course Twitter feeds all for the big ‘W’.

While social media trends and the digital media have played a big role in the build up for this event; television is also a crucial digital factor, which will come into its own on the day itself. The wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1981 was watched by 750 million people worldwide. Broadcasters from all over the world will be sending crews to London for coverage and Cristina Nicolotti Squires, ITV’s Executive Producer (UK’s biggest commercial channel) says, “The hope is that people will get up in the morning, turn on their TVs and sort of leave them on all day.” While, Mark Lukasiewicz, Vice President, specials and digital media in the news division, NBC US television network says, “I think audiences are also going to welcome an event like this that’s a little more about old-fashioned things and fun.”

So, when Prince Harry decides to settle down and tie the knot there will still be room for him to be a digital media innovator and incorporate another social media trend, and so maybe we will have a British Royal wedding in 3-D.

Photo Credit: Oldmaison