Social Media Trends: Introducing You To World Of Phweeters

I am going to introduce you the world of Phweeters, which is fast becoming a cool social media trend, where a fake Twitter account tweets the ramblings of celebrity and collects followers. These Twitter impersonators are Phweeters and there’s a jamboree of celebrity fakes from Kanye West to Karl Lagerfeld and even the Dalai Lama; there are even Phweeters impersonating the dead, one being @DianaHeaven, who has Tweeted, “Tony Curtis has arrived. He’s already in the girls’ dressing up box with Jack Lemmon.” Well, they do say impersonation is the highest form of flattery?! It was only a few years ago when bloggers were a social media trend, gaining profiles, which led on to other things like hit films such as, ‘Julie and Julia’ and now Twitter writers are too gaining ground and going places. In the UK we have a young female celebrity that everyone loves, who is a judge on a show called X Factor (similar to American Idol) with Simon Cowell; the celebrity’s name is Cheryl Cole (she is soon to be hitting US shores next year) and Cheryl now has an alter ego called Cheryl Kerl, who has become a Phweeter hit with over 34,000 followers. Ms Kerl has proved so popular that she is releasing a book next week called, ‘Cheryl Kerl: Woath it? Coase Ah Am, Pet’ (translates as Cheryl Kerl@ Worth it? Course I Am, Pet).

Phony tweets are considered a fun and lively social media trend ways to engage with people though a Phweeter has to stick with it and unfortunately many drift away. Phweeters choose celebrities, politicians, and corporations solely for the humour element, where they tweet current, tongue in cheek quips under the assumed identity. Some fake accounts are so convincing that celebrities have to publicly state that they are not in fact behind the account, while some have provoked anger, such as the @BPGlobalPR account. Staff behind the multi-million company were not happy to have an imposter posting comments about BP’s recent catastrophic oil spill, and in response to being asked to close the fake BP account, @BPGlobalPR cleverly retorted, “BP wants Twitter to shutdown fake BP accounts mocking them, Twitter and the rest of the world wants BP to shutdown the OIL LEAK!” Another story relates to the White House Twitter account, which had been updated during the Bush years and then swiftly switched to Obama right the after the inauguration; it turned out to be a bogus President. Twitter world had the event where pranksters took over the accounts of Barack Obama, Bill O'Reilly, and CNN's Rick Sanchez, among others; I guess you could call this social media trend, ‘Twitterjacking’!

Other Phweeters who have cult status and created their own social media trend are @MrsStephenFry, the unknown ‘wife’ of Stephen who moans about her husband, followers 68, 529 and Mrs Fry has a book out this October and there’s @Lindsayinjail, a fake Lindsay Lohan who was in jail!, followers 29,740, and as yet has no book deal.

Photo Credit: 7son75