Social Media Trends: Mobile Gaming is No Longer a Man's World

A new social media trends survey from casual gaming company PopCap shows that an incredibly high percentage of adults in the UK and US is into mobile gaming and this is due smartphones. While, according to a separate Nielsen survey, 31% of US mobile users now own smartphones, and a Pew survey states that nearly half of US mobile users download mobile apps.

The Pop Cap’s social media trends research shows that more than half (52%) of 2,425 respondents said they had played a game on a mobile device, whether their own device or someone else’s, at some point in their lives. While, the percentage for UK respondents was significantly higher at 73%; compared to the rate for US respondents at 44%. Around one-third of all respondents had played a game on their own mobile phones within the past month, and one out of four respondents said they played games on a weekly basis. Still, some respondents admitted to only having played a mobile game once.

Another social media trends report by mobile app advertising and analytics firm Flurry shows that girls are falling for this social media trend and it seems popular smartphones devices like the iPhone and Android are changing the dynamics of gaming from a male-dominated stronghold into a mass-market form of entertainment. In fact this study shows that people playing games on mobile devices are more likely to be younger, female, more affluent and educated than the average American, in the age group mid-to-late 20s, while traditional gaming is still influenced by an aging group of men, though mobile gaming may be bucking this social media trend.

Flurry data also shows there is also greater density in the 18-49 bracket; indicating that Apple’s iPhone and Android devices are attracting users who are earning rather than those in their teenage years, who cannot afford the more expensive mobile devices and technology. In terms of income, the typical mobile social gamer earns 50% more than the average US household income of $43,600 and is twice as likely to have earned a college degree or higher. Mobile game apps attract 26 million unique viewers a day. 64% of North America dominates the mobile social-gaming category, mainly due to the penetration of the iPhone and Android smartphones in the market. Europe is second, at 30% and Asia a distant third at 4%.

The report also says in terms of usage behaviour, girls use social games far more often than they watch prime-time television shows, using it for 25 minutes per day and are heavy users of this interactive content and this social media trend. So, it seems female mobile social gamers are the new mass-market powerhouse and this is no longer a man’s world.

Photo Credit: smarthero