SodaStream Adds Sustainability Fizz To Its Image

(3BL Media/Just Means) - I remember that on my first visit to Switzerland back in the 1990s, I was surprised when my host asked me whether I wanted fizzy or still water from what looked like a standard water dispenser. I was not familiar with fizzy water makers then, they were not common in London,where I lived at the time. “I’ll take fizzy,” I said, which is my choice when I drink water away from home. It's a small treat.

In most places, in order to get fizzy water you need to buy a bottle of water, usually a plastic one, unless you get one of those posh Italian brands that make you feel as if you are holidaying in the island of Capri. But the environmental guilt of contributing to the pile of plastic just because of a drink of water may, well, take the fizz out of the experience.

SodaStream, the purveyor of sparkling water makers, is carrying out a campaign to remind its consumers that it doesn’t have to be this way: you can have your cake and eat it, too. Or better, you can have your sparkling water and the green fizz, too. The logic is simple: by making your own sparkling water straight from the tap, you avoid the bottle and the pain of producing yet more trash, which is choking the planet and killing marine life in the ocean, where plastic is mistaken for food. Besides, avoiding the bottle saves in fuel needed to transport millions of them.

According to SodaStream’s own calculations with external verification, its sparkling water maker has a carbon footprint that is 65 to 80 percent lower than equivalent drinks sold in glass or plastic bottles. In Canada, for instance, the average person consumes more than 65 liters of bottled water and over 100 liters of carbonated soft drinks every year.

The message in the plastic bottle is not very environmentally sound: more than a third of all those plastic containers is not recycled, may end up in landfills or littering parks and other public assets such as ditches and lakes. Besides, making plastic produces carbon throughout the whole process.

So … it’s better to avoid plastic bottles. SodaStream wants you to drink from the tap, add some fizz to H2O, perhaps some flavor, all the while keeping a clean conscience. You can treat yourself and not feel bad about it.

We don't need fizzy water, but we do need water. And getting it from the tap, fizzy or not, is a greener option than drinking from a plastic bottle.

Image credit: SodaStream