Technology: Finding Love The Facebook Way

Love is definitely online and with technology more people are using the digital world to find love on dating websites, however, now with the growing popularity of social networks, the lonely hearts brigade is turning to a popular service called; a dating application available on Facebook and Apple’s iPhone to find lurve. is adding more than 50,000 users a day, according to New York-based parent SNAP Interactive Inc compared with new daily 20,000 users. is now the largest Facebook dating application with more than 13 million average monthly users, according to research firm and it is hugely popular. Snap Chief Executive Officer Cliff Lerner says, “Traditional online dating companies don’t have a large app presence like us. Our growth, as well as the growth of a couple competitors, has come out of nowhere.” works as a piece of technology; a software application or app that users can load onto their Facebook page or iPhone, allowing people to click through photos of potential matches and exchange messages or virtual gifts of digital roses or teddy bears. One reason dating apps on Facebook are popular is that they give romance-seekers insight into potential partners through the social-networking site’s existing information; which is key. As people who meet on can become Facebook friends and learn about each other before they ever agree to an actual date. They typically can see another person’s Facebook posts and photos or videos of them and their friends.

Lerner says, “As an app on Facebook, every user is legitimate. Before people go out with someone, they look them up on Facebook, they add them as a friend, and they see who their friends are. They get a better representation of the person, and it makes them more comfortable.” There are plans to expand the brand beyond Facebook, using technology and placing it on mobile devices. Lerner says, “We believe there are big growth opportunities around mobile as web usage continues to increase rapidly and there are exciting opportunities around location-based features for dating apps.

One online dater Adi, who refuses to give her last name for privacy reasons is a 26-year-old event planner in New York who says she joined a couple dating websites before she recently registered on through the Facebook application. Adi tellingly says, “For people in their 20s and 30s on Facebook dating is a big aspect of our lives, and a lot of people use Facebook as a dating thing anyway. There’s something to be said for a dating website that’s linked in with the most popular social network. It makes it feel more real.” Adi’s comment is very insightful and reflects how integral Facebook has become in our lives; it is now playing cupid through its on-line presence and technology and probably a rich playground to find and fall in love.

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