There is No Business like Social Business

(3BL Media/Just Means) – Working in the social good segment requires passion, good will and sanguine dedication, but the impacts that social entrepreneurs can have on society can be more far reaching when they develop sound business skills. This is what Shana Dressler, founder of the Social Innovators Collective, found out the hard way when in 2009 she saw her project Global Giving Circle rise and fall in the same year.

Instead of giving up, she decided to share her insights with other social entrepreneurs and created the Social Good Guides to help fellow entrepreneurs create sustainable organizations. These comprise of an online library of 20 guides on specific subjects penned by industry experts.

The Social Good Guides are designed to fill in the business skill gap that many in the social entrepreneurial world lack. It answers two key questions: What a startup changemaker needs to know to be successful and when they need to focus on a particular topic.

The guides are the way Dressler found to spread the word further afield and reach beyond the workshops and conferences she organizes around the country through the Social Innovators Collective she founded in 2011.

The first 17 editions include Idea To Launch, How To Start a Nonprofit or Social Enterprise, Funding Your Startup Social Enterprise, Nonprofit Funding for Long-Term Sustainability, Business Plans and Planning for Social Enterprises and Nonprofits, What’s Strategy Got to Do With It? and several other topics that are essential for anyone who wants to see their dreams of social change actually produce measurable results.

Three additional guides will be available by June 2015. These are Leave Your Cape at Home: The Importance of Cultural Sensitivity, Social Good Business Models, and The Power of Storytelling.

“Creating the Social Good Guides has been a three-year labor of love and would not have been possible without Marc O’Brien, who played an essential role in bringing this project to life,” Dressler says. “I am also deeply grateful to the more than 75 seasoned social entrepreneurs, talented graphic designers and passionate volunteers who donated their time and expertise to create the Social Good Guides.”

Image credit: Social Good Guides