This National Mammography Day, Make a Mammogram Promise

If you haven’t already shown your support to the breast cancer cause this month, there is a way to do so. I know things got a little rough last week when I spoke out loud against the “I like it on” meme that spread over social media. But then, something wonderful happened over social media. @MammoPromise found me over Twitter and within seconds we were talking about what they were doing all the way in Seattle to help women and men stay cancer free.

Thanks to Twitter, I just got word from Megan Fleming @Mammo Promise that tomorrow, October 15, 2010 is National Mammography Day:

The percentage of women over 40 who reported having a mammogram has fallen over 15 percent in Washington State over the last year, which is why the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance is launching the Make a Mammogram Promise campaign.

They hope to educate the importance of early detection and get people to take action towards healthier lifestyles and raising money towards research at the same time. The majority of their outreach methods employed for the Make a Mammogram Promise campaign is via social media.

“During October, we're asking everyone to make a promise to take care of themselves, get a mammogram if they are of age (40+ and a woman), and encourage others to do the same. All you need to do is enter your email address and click 'I Promise'. For every promise we get, $1 will be donated by Safeway towards research that helps give women in need access to mammography,” Megan told me.

They have collected about 1800 promises to date this month and started by saying “a big, fat THANK YOU” to all their promise-makers for helping them on their Promise Blog site and state:

“As that number continues to grow, we want to learn more about the people behind those promises. So tell us: why did you promise? Is it simply because your doctor recommended it or is it because you feel empowered knowing your body, inside and out? Is it for yourself or is it for the ones you love? Or is it just for a chance to win our super-cool prizes? There are thousands of reasons to promise, tell us yours!”

After making a promise, you can then make a profile, which will give you a link to pass along via Facebook, Twitter, email and even a widget (all can be found in your Dashboard). Every promise that is made by clicking through that link will count as a promise collected by you.

Some of the prizes you can win include: Daily drawings for a $25 AMC Theater gift card

There is a “Spread the Word Contest” with which you can win a dinner for four at the Fairmont Olympic (Grand prize) and $50 gift cards to Nordstrom (Runner Up Prize). The top 10 people who collect the most promises will receive prizes. The top four will receive the grand prize. The next 6 highest will receive the Runner up prize.

Social Media Only Contests include using Twitter and Facebook:

Using the hash-tag, #IPromised, on your Twitter or Facebook account, they want to hear your reason for making a promise and if you are collecting promises, include your personal link at the end of the message. Again you win prizes: “Every week, we will be picking five winners who will each receive a free haircut/style at Capitol Hill’s finest, Emerson Salon.”

There is also a Blog Contest where the Make a Mammogram Promise ask you if you have your own blog. With that you can write a blog post about mammograms, send it to us and be entered to win a gift basket with a Clarisonic and additional goodies!

“Whether you want to blog about why you made a Mammogram Promise, your own mammogram experience or the importance of mammography- we don’t really mind- we just want to see you talking about breast cancer awareness and the importance of screening!” they say.

Since it is National Mammography Day, please show your support to Make a Mammogram Promise and I shall surely “like” it this time!

Photo Credit: Erik Charlton