Top 3 Lists: Social Media Peeves

Why is that we fall for lists each time we see the cover of a magazine or a ‘news-y’ website: “Top 5 ways you can change your life today,” “Six things you didn’t know he wants,” “ Fall must-have fashion accessories,” and so it goes? People love being told what to do and how to do it. So why can’t I make up my own lists of what-how-where of social media do’s and don’t and such? After all, if Mashable etc. can tell you what the Top 3 social media trends are I can tell you what trends are annoying or fashionable or acceptable, right?

Here are some trends that make me wonder when and if people will stop abusing social media. When the only thing you’re paying for is your Internet connection, you can stop expecting great things.

This morning, My Top 3 Social Media peeves:

# 3 “Pre-established” establishments on social media networks.

Have you noticed upcoming business establishments, which are “opening soon,” asking you to find them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter? Really, I haven’t even heard of you and I do not know what a Korean taco tastes like so I have no interest in cluttering my Newsfeed with information about getting 2 tacos for a dollar or getting a free drink with my Korean taco purchase when I don’t even know if and when your restaurant will open some day and I will be able to taste one. Really, consult experts before jumping on the bandwagon. Trust me, it will make people “like” you more.

#2 Birthday Notifications

It might have been cute at the onset of crazy social networking days to display an upcoming birthday. Perhaps, because there used to be an age-limit and people who weren’t Justin Bieber or 5 years old could not have a Facebook profile. You didn’t have over a thousand “best friends” and you didn’t have to see 25 birthday notifications per day to actually start resenting the fact that some of these people were born! And the 5 minutes it takes you to go to their page and type those dreadful 15 characters as in “Happy Birthday” would get on your nerves- especially because they’re not even your friend! I was relieved when Facebook took off the birthday thing for a day but it came back by popular demand. Let’s hope they do. Your real friend will wish you any way and you don’t need your wall spammed by a thousand people or does the narcissist in you like that?

And #1 Liking Sentences

Since when did anyone who wasn’t Ralph Waldo Emerson or “George Bush” say anything that was so likeable that you had to create a page for it and have thousands of people “like” that sentence. Really, what if we run out of space on the Internet? Do we really need such idiocy to live on the scrolls of cyberspace forever? What will our children and their children think of the moronic “likes” we liked in our younger years? And those sentences! For example: “Every women deserves a man who looks at her every day like it's the first time he saw her.”

So firstly, the sentence is incorrect or inherently correct, because men would look at every “women” like it’s their first time and since when did a “women” need a Facebook sentence to boost her self-confidence or give her faith that this will invoke such feelings in a man? I mean, please save the world and the English language, not stupidity!

And just now, I saw another sentence and for which I will have to write another post. I refuse to like the page to find out what it’s about but if it is poking fun at the very serious incident that took place a few days ago at Rutgers University that totally broke my heart, I think people couldn’t be more cruel or insensitive.

Do you think such a sentence/phrase should be "liked," let alone created in the first place? “This poor girl committed suicide soon after her dad posted this to her wall.” I’ll leave this to your sensibilities and sensitivities.

Today is day one of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, please, please, please live and learn!

Photo Credit: Stuart Pilbrow