Web 2.0: Find the Latest and Greatest Twitter Apps at oneforty

Web 2.0: Have you been to oneforty.com yet? It's a site dedicated to both the casual and most serious of Twitter users. oneforty (not capitalized) is an online marketplace and larger than life directory for finding Twitter apps. It's a place that community manager like myself dream of. The site has been actively promoting Twitter apps for a little over a year now and has a large collection of apps for both work and play. Apps can range anywhere from analytics and statistics to apps related to shopping and travel. Often the most popular apps are the ones that just make tweeting easier or more fun. Anything is fair game so long as it relates to Twitter. The company breathes Twitter and its name is an obvious devotion to the famous one hundred and forty character limit.

Applications are organized based on category, platform, and custom toolkits.

Categories are broken down into Twitter Basics, Following and Followers, Photo + Video + Music, Games & Entertainment, Lifestyle, Productivity, Business and Marketing, Blog & Website Tools, and Tools for Developers.

Platforms include Mobile (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc..), iPad, Desktop, and Browser.

Toolkits are collections of recommended apps. Anyone who signs up can create a custom toolkit. Examples include Small Business, Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs, and Live Streaming Video Tools.

One of the biggest draws to oneforty is its large and ever growing collection of Twitter apps. The site categories all of the popular resources (Tweetdeck, HootSuite, CoTweet, bit.ly, Klout, Tweetie), but also some very useful ones that you've probably never heard of. In the short time that I've used oneforty I've found countless gems that neither myself or friends had ever tried. TweetSpinner has a lot of commonplace features, but also offers users an automated system that will rotate their background image on a regular basis. TweetBeat grabs tweets that are similar to each other and generates stories in real time as they happen. HelpAttack! is a way to donate to causes as you tweet. Tweetvite helps you find tweetups and events or create invitations via Twitter.

oneforty is also a valuable resource  to application developers. oneforty gives developers the option to monitor reviews and add a widget to their site that demonstrates the apps popularity and rating. Developers can also make claim to their app and sell it or take donations directly from the site. oneforty generates income by keeping a percentage of the transaction on all apps sold in its store.

oneforty is based in Cambridge MA and was founded by Twitter for Dummies co-author Laura Fitton. Follow their blog and find them on Twitter.