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SMART – Helping customers make informed choices.  LIFE – Delivering value through the entire life cycle.

Almost everyone we do business with has tangible sustainability and environmental goals and this customer-centric blue print is an essential ingredient in how we help them win – measured in three specific areas:

Driving Growth
We recognize our solutions for addressing social and environmental challenges cannot sacrifice cost competitiveness or performance and must add value to ensure long-term growth. We measure this through our ability to help take costs out of their operations and to protect and enhance their brands with packaging and cleaning solutions that provide consumer appeal.

Conserving More
Nearly all of our solutions help customers meet their goals for using fewer resources, less energy and water and generating less waste. We focus on the entire value chain of our products and our customers’ products. It begins in our own operations with management of raw materials where we measure progress of the creation lighter and thinner packaging and by identifying alternatives to petrochemicals and continues downstream to our customer operations and to the consumer where we focus on energy and water reduction, the elimination of product and food damage and waste and eventual disposal.

Living Better
We create a better way for life by improving access to a more secure food supply chain – one that is safer and more nutritious, more efficient and less wasteful; improving health by keeping hospitals, hotels and office buildings safe and clean; and driving economic growth with products that extend global distribution.


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