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Deadlines Fast Approaching for Global Leaders To Engage with India’s Most Inspiring Social Entrepreneurs

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MUMBAI, India, September 3, 2013 /3BL Media/ - Deadlines are fast approaching for the 2013-2014 India Social Entrepreneurship Journeys, which will enable top executives, academics, and nonprofit leaders to discover how they can have their greatest positive impact on the world. Taking place this upcoming December and February, the India Social Entrepreneurship Journeys will take a hand selected groups of senior leaders on carefully curated 5-8 day experiences.

Martin Wolf, Director of Product Sustainability and Authenticity; Seventh Generation Inc.


This month we introduce you to Martin Wolf, Director of Product Sustainability and Authenticity for Seventh Generation Inc., one of the members who makes our network so unique!

1. Why did you join NAEM?
The world of corporate sustainability is growing and changing rapidly.  As the world’s largest association of corporate environmental, health and safety, and sustainability professionals, NAEM provides an unparalleled opportunity for learning and sharing about sustainability management challenges and solutions.

Lori Smargiassi, Environment Health and Safety Engineer; Lockheed Martin Corp.


This month we introduce you to Lori Smargiassi, Environment Health and Safety Engineer at Lockheed Martin Corp., one of the members who helps make our network so unique.

Why did you join NAEM?

I joined NAEM to take advantage of the opportunities that a large association of my peers can offer such as networking, seminars and conferences. This allows me to enhance my understanding of technical subjects and gain valuable lessons learned from others in the ESH field.

What are you currently working on?

MKTV: Look Back & Forward to Another 50 Years

Multimedia with summary

Mary Kay on YouTube
Looking back and forward to another 50 years of enriching women's lives.

In 1963, women had little independence. A woman couldn't even get a bank loan without her husband's signature. Today, more than 2.5 million Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants worldwide have unlimited opportunity as the Mary Kay name and product line continue explosive growth.


MKTV: 50th Anniversary Business Opportunity

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Mary Kay on YouTube
50 years of Mary Kay enriching women's lives.

Mary Kay Ash believed a woman could do anything. Today, thousands of women are doing the same, celebrating Mary Kay's One Woman Can attitude. 

AIAG Announces 2nd Conflict Minerals Industry Briefing

Update on the industry-leading initiatives AIAG and its members are collaborating on to responsibly source minerals in the supply chain

Conflict Minerals Industry Briefing II

Since 2010, AIAG and two dozen member companies representing OEMs and suppliers have been working together to identify resources and tools to help companies gain greater supply chain transparency in the area of Conflict Minerals.

Event Summary:

Horseshoe Southern Indiana Takes Pride in Giving Back, and the Region is Taking Notice


Horseshoe Southern Indiana takes pride in giving back, and the region is taking notice.

The casino in Elizabeth, Indiana was recently named Louisville's top corporate philanthropists according to Business First Magazine. Last year, Horseshoe donated more than $13 million to local charities, the largest amount of any company in the area. The company's generosity touches non-profits of all shapes and sizes, including Metro United Way, American Red Cross and Water Step and many others.

Video: A New Enterprise and Community of Farmers in Haiti

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In a new video, hear Haitians talk about a partnership between Abbott, the Abbott Fund and Partners In Health that is improving lives and communities. Built and run by Haitians, a new nutrition facility produces a lifesaving product to treat malnutrition called Nourimanba. In addition, an agricultural program helps local farmers improve the supply of quality peanuts needed for the facility, while increasing farmer incomes.


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