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After the Structural (and Possibly Abrupt) Decline of Fossil Fuels

An In-Depth Look at Our Renewable Energy Future

by Garvin Jabusch, cofounder and chief investment officer, Green Alpha Advisors 

Using Global Asset Management Solutions Can Positively Impact the Bottom Line

By: Eric Jouane

This week the facilities management community came together to celebrate World FM Day and honor all the men and women who support the health, safety, productivity and well-being of people who utilize the built environment. In honor of this annual occasion, I wanted to talk about the importance of effectively managing your assets.

Electric Flight Takes Off

An electrically-powered aerobatic aircraft manufactured by Extra Aircraft has successfully undergone its maiden flight. Its record-setting motor was developed by Siemens.

by Ulrich Kreutzer

An electric aircraft motor unveiled by Siemens in 2015 is a true powerhouse. Weighing only 50 kilograms, it generates 260 kilowatts of power, resulting in an unprecedented power-to-weight ratio. And that’s not the only reason it will make aviation history. Siemens experts also installed the motor and its entire power train into a two-seater aircraft, the Extra 330LE.

Cities Introduce Smart Programs in Divergent Manners


Cities across the globe have followed multiple tracks in their quest to become “smart.” It isn’t a question of right or wrong. However, two key themes are emerging in their approach – either start with a pilot project that produces quick results, or undertake a comprehensive master plan that strategically lays out the coming years and decades.

VIDEO: The Quest to Become Smart Cities Follows Many Tracks

Digital Innovation at Daimler | 'Industrie' 4.0

Sustainability Newsletter Highlight

The automotive industry is facing fundamental changes. Digitalization is the main force driving this transformation. The connection of the physical and digital worlds is frequently described with the buzz word "Industrie 4.0" or as the fourth industrial revolution. But what exactly is meant by this? How does Daimler understand this process?

The beginnings

Xylem’s Online Tool Helps Customers Meet Eco-Efficiency Goals


In mid-2015, after a year-long pilot program, Xylem rolled out its Eco-Efficiency Easy Tool for use at our global sites. This web-enabled tool better enables sites to evaluate and select best practices to reduce energy and water use, and minimize waste. By the end of 2015, eco-efficiency plans — including selected actions for implementation, responsible persons and completion dates — had been created at our major facilities units worldwide and work on these plans is proceeding.

Ecocentricity Blog: Grid Parity and Other Solar Thoughts


Grid parity is when new solar and wind farms cost less than new natural gas power plants, even without subsidies. And we might already be there.

More Flipboarding! This time, I stumbled across this article. It’s worth a read, and it prompted me to offer some other thoughts on where things stand with solar. Three thoughts, in particular.

Caterpillar Inc.'s Contributions to Sustainable Development Recognized by United Nations

Three Caterpillar Initiatives Included in Private Sector Examples Toward Achieving the Global Goals

By 2030, the United Nations wants to accomplish three extraordinary things: end poverty, combat climate change and fight injustice and inequality. The UN also has a blueprint to achieve that vision. The plan is called UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – 17 global goals to make our world more prosperous, inclusive, sustainable and resilient.

Alliance Urges Builders to Help Prevent Asthma With Proper Home Seal

Green Builder Media's June 23, 2016 Vantage Enewsletter

A New Front Opens in the Code Battles The confrontation over resilient construction practices is just a continuation of the age-old battle between those who search for ways to maximize short term profits versus those who choose to deliver lasting value.


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