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Enactus Students Recycle Tires Into Household Items

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Worn out or factory fresh, what do you see?

Of the 40 million tires Mexico discards annually, only 2% are recycled. One Mexican Enactus team saw a way to recycle these discarded tires into over 100 different household items, like rugs and flowerpots.

Enactus Students Upcycle Banners to Help Artisans

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Andrew Cranston presents:  Banners of Progress

The Global Chief Operating Officer of KPMG International, Andrew Cranston, shares how Enactus students in Mexico solve waste while employing struggling artisans. The students empowered the artisans to make fashionable accessories with discarded vinyl banners that are usually thrown away.

Enactus Students Create Fuel From Waste

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Refuse or fuel, what do you see?

An Enactus team in Zimbabwe saw a way to melt plastic and create diesel fuel as a byproduct. So far, 12 women have worked to convert over 3 tons of waste. Just 35 kg of plastic translates to 24 liters of liquid fuel and 7 kg of wax. Find out more about Enactus and this innovative solution at

Serving the Underserved

Grants from The Baxter International Foundation support the development of more accessible and affordable healthcare.

Pivot Announcements from TCA

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Pivot announced a third season of the highly praised comedy Please Like Me, just prior to the second season premiere on August 8. The coming-of-age comedy created, written and executive produced by 27-year-old comedian Josh Thomas, is inspired in part by the painfully awkward events of his own life. 

125 Years of Shared Value – A Report on Avista’s Operations


A lot of things can change in 125 years, but Avista’s commitment to innovation, collaboration and providing safe reliable power is as consistent today as it was in 1889. With the launch of our sixth annual report on our operations – 125 Years of Shared Value – our stakeholders can see how the work we do today and our legacy of delivering shared value remains a core component of our operations.

The Last Mile: How Coca-Cola Became a Medical Supplies Distributor


Companies involved in CSR sometimes struggle to find the best way to help solve critical social and environmental issues. Does the silver bullet lie in philanthropy, volunteerism or cause marketing? Although those are all viable options, sometimes the answer is within their own operations, in the form of distribution systems, marketing expertise and business skills.

Cisco Employees Paddle to Fight Cancer


This post was written by guest blogger Barbara Chu, Managing Director of Cisco Hong Kong and Macau

Final Days of Impact Equation Early Bird!

Prices for USCCF's Annual Corporate Citizenship Conference Increase 7/15

Join the U.S. Chamber Foundation for our annual corporate citizenship conference The Impact Equation: Stronger Business, Greater Results, Better World. Don't miss out on top-notch panels, high-level speakers, and excellent networking opportunities. Session highlights include:

Performance Highlights from Safeway’s 2013 Sustainability Report


Safeway’s story started in 1915 when M.B. Skaggs, an ambitious young man in a small Idaho town, purchased a grocery store from his father. M.B.’s business strategy – to offer customers the best value – proved spectacularly successful. Almost 100 years later, Safeway’s reach has increased dramatically. Although we have grown substantially since 1915, our customers can continue to count on us to serve their neighborhoods with the freshest groceries at a great value.


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