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How Accurate & Harmonised Product Data Streamlines Global Industry Operations & Builds Consumer Trust

This blog was written and contributed by: Andrea Schlossarek, Director, Corporate Master Data Management METRO AG

Presently, it is near impossible to accurately estimate the number of products traded across global markets, and even more so to understand how many of them have unique identifiers and find each product’s history and associated details. Data inconsistencies lead to costly workarounds and manual alternations. For businesses, this can be harmful to operations and complicate supply chains. And for consumers, this lack of clarity can lead to a reduced or total lack of trust.

Getting Familiar With Smart Meters


It only took a few years for the smart phone to become an accessory that most of us cannot live without. Likewise, we expect that once customers get to know their smart meters, they too will rely on them to help save energy and save money.

Smart meters send near real-time electric-use information from our customers’ homes and businesses to PSE&G via a secure communications network.

Enbridge Innovation in Action: Safety Highlights

At Enbridge, the safety mindset is so core to who we are that we sometimes have difficulty appreciating how far safety tools and practices have come. Still, we strive for ever greater safety with the firm belief that all incidents are preventable.

Continuous innovation in safety is not simply about avoiding or mitigating the most frequent incidents, though. It’s about building a system where hazards are removed (technology replacing at-risk personnel) and where safety-focused behaviors, tools and practices are so easily performed that the safe practice becomes the most natural practice.

Putting the Tech in MedTech

Molding innovative technologies into modern medical marvels

Making the impossible possible

Rediscovering Resilience

The COVID-19 pandemic will end. Our support for healthcare systems and patients won’t.

The case for hope

This is the Invention Age


From smartphones to smart cities, Qualcomm® is known for developing innovations that are the backbone of the wireless world we live in. Our innovations have transformed industries and expanded the potential for extended reality, AI, and mobile. Behind every extraordinary invention are decades of extensive research that provided the spark. It’s that commitment to dedicate the necessary resources to R&D that make Qualcomm the driving force that’s taking the whole wireless industry—and the world as we know it—to amazing new places.

Key Accomplishments: Purposeful Innovation


We believe an idea can spark change, transforming the world in extraordinary new ways.

Tetra Tech's Brian Goldcrump Discusses the Impact of Building System Electrification on Lowering the Carbon Footprint of New and Existing Buildings

Transitioning from gas-powered to electrified building systems

Brian Goldcrump has more than 10 years of experience in building design and energy modeling and leads the Tetra Tech High Performance Building Group’s building energy modeling teams in Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington. Brian works with clients in the early design phases to understand and advise on energy system options and the best paths for each project. He is particularly interested in post-occupancy building performance, helping owners understand that performance, and ensuring the building is performing as expected.

Delos Collaborates with House X to Provide Advanced Air Purification at Zero Cost to Homebuyers

Homebuyers will receive a Delos powered by Healthway multi-room advanced air purification system for their new home upon move-in
Press Release

NEW YORK, February 4, 2021 /3BL Media/-- Delos, a wellness real estate and technology company, announced today its collaboration with House X, a consumer-focused Smart Home Marketplace, to provide advanced air purification at no additional cost to homebuyers. The collaboration is part of House X’s American Dream 2021 project designed to expand home ownership, which will launch in 21 pilot cities across the U.S.

Breaking Down the Barriers to Big Data Opportunity


By Pubs Abayasiri, Associate Director – Digital Products, CLP, and Vidal Fernandez, Director – Big Data, CLP

There was a time, not long ago, where many of us operated and made decisions based largely on our knowledge and experience rather than data. That seems almost inconceivable these days when most of us are awake to the benefits of data-driven services.


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