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Ideagen TV Now Available on Apple TV

Ideagen TV launches on Apple TV App
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Ideagen – “Where Global Leaders Convene” Presented Globally by Microsoft

Ideagen® Is proud to announce the release of the new Ideagen Apple TV app, “Ideagen TV” now available on Apple TV devices. Now watch all of your favorite PowerChats, PowerTalks, and Special event programming on Apple TV via the Ideagen App.

The Summer of Scam! (And How to Avoid It)

As T‑Mobile amps up its industry‑leading phone scam protections this summer, we offer ways you can use your mobile device to avoid the most common summer pitfalls that scam you out of the best season!

Ahhh, summertime! You’ve got old school Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff blasting in the background, the top down on your car, with nothing but a cold brew coffee in hand and plans to lounge on the beach all day.

Or wait … is that cinematic summer scene all a scam? The humidity, the mosquitos, that sunburn!

From Inspiring to Imperative: Celebrating Women in STEM

As we've grown, so have our efforts to recruit, support, and celebrate women in science, healthcare, engineering and beyond.

Growing up as a young Black girl with a life-threatening illness, Bre Jacobs found herself in a revolving door of doctors’ offices — but none of the healthcare professionals ever looked like her. To understand her condition, reduce the stress on her family, and take control of her own health, Bre dove into medical journals. That activity sparked a passion for scientific knowledge that drives Bre to this day. Now a Medtronic Senior Research Program Manager, Bre still can’t help but wonder: "Where would I be if, earlier on, I had met someone like me in this field?

Rockwell Automation Helps Milwaukee Youth Code and Fly Drones at MSOE's New STEM Center


More than 300 Milwaukee students have access to new robots, drones and other science, technology, engineering, and math tools at Milwaukee School of Engineering this summer, thanks in part to the support of Rockwell Automation.

Rockwell donated $40,000 to strengthen summer STEM programming for youth at MSOE. The gift was used to update equipment, including LEGO robots, “AI in a box” toolkits,  and indoor-safe drones in addition to operational and student scholarship support.

Isaiah Brown, 12, took part in a drone obstacle course program at the MSOE STEM Center.  

Simprints: Using Touchless Biometrics to Facilitate Access to Healthcare


When it comes to healthcare, showing proof of identity is an essential step in accessing life-saving services. Many of us may take for granted being able to reach for our wallet and sharing a state-issued driver’s license or ID card, but what if you don’t have any official form of identity?

Working Across Cloud Environments, Platforms, and Services With AWS and Booz Allen Principal Brad Beaulieu


In 2020, as the world suddenly shifted to remote operations, cloud technology kept vital operations running at organizations around the world, including federal agencies.

Booz Allen Senior Cloud Security Architect, Brad Beaulieu remembers one example. “The agency was already a first-mover in government for cloud adoption,” he said. During the pandemic, this cloud environment enabled “a rapid and agile response when the agency needed, almost overnight, to develop new capabilities to support public needs.”

Ecofin Strives to Make a Positive Impact Without Compromising Returns


by Brent Newcomb, President of Ecofin

Ecofin is a sustainable investing specialist dedicated to climate action, social impact and water.

First, climate action is the drive to reduce emissions, and includes both the energy transition and waste transition.  This means conventional categories such as solar, wind, hydro and batteries, in addition to the electrification of transport, energy efficiency, waste-to-value (recycling) and waste-to-energy (cleaner fuels such as renewable natural gas).

Shaping the Future of Space: Highlights From Booz Allen and “Top Space Exec to Watch” Andrea Inserra


“I’ve been here for 20 years, and what keeps me interested is that we are trying to solve some of the greatest challenges we face as a nation.”

-Booz Allen Executive Vice President and “Top 30 Space Exec to Watch” Andrea Inserra

The U.S. government’s increased commitment to NASA, the Space Force, and private public space collaboration brings a critical need for leadership, and those rising to the challenge oversee a variety of tasks: defense-based space support, advanced technologies, robotics, and more.

Schneider Electric Interns: We Don't Make Lifts, Seriously No Lifts!


There are many ways to speak about an internship opportunity. The classic way would probably start with something along the lines of “it was the opportunity of a lifetime”. Perhaps another way is to express the disappointment of it being virtual but coming to the realization at the end that a lot was learnt.


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