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Coast to Coast and Border to Border: GE Plants Will Supply Natural Gas Fuel for Trucks


A new report from the International Energy Agency released on Tuesday estimates that the U.S. will become a net energy exporter by 2030 and that natural gas will overtake oil to become the most abundant fuel in the American energy mix. GE is developing technologies that are already helping customers to take advantage of the gas boom.

Spark EV Delivers Exceptional Power, Fast-Charge Capability

Chevrolet’s new electric car goes 0-60 mph in under eight seconds
Press Release

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 16, 2012 /3BL Media/ – The 2014 Chevrolet Spark EV will set a benchmark for urban electric vehicles when it arrives in California dealer showrooms next summer by offering industry-leading EV power, outstanding driving range, and exceptional fast-charge capability. 

Spark EV’s driving force is an oil-cooled, permanent magnet motor that produces at least 100 kW (130 hp) and instantaneous torque of about 400 lb.-ft. with the coaxial drive unit, resulting in  0-60 mph acceleration in less than eight seconds.

A Battery of Apps: OnStar Debuts Future EV Solutions

New connected apps tackle range anxiety and public charging
Press Release

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 16, 2012 /3BL Media/ – At the GM Electrification Experience, OnStar is showing two new apps to address the possible range anxiety of electric vehicles and the cost of public charging.

Cato Institute's Jim Harper - Video Interview

Thoughts on Internet Freedom
Multimedia with summary

In a 2012 COMMIT!Forum  interview with Video4Good, the Cato Institute's Jim Harper shared some thoughts about internet freedom.  

Electronic Frontier Foundation's John Perry Barlow - Video Interview

Corporate Responsibility is an Oxymoron
Multimedia with summary

Corporate responsibility is an oxymoron, says John Perry Barlow of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.  

In an interview with Video4Good at Commit!Forum 2012, Barlow expressed other strong opinions. He points out that in an environment where companies are motivated by profits and self interest, the human race is in competition with corporate organisms that have a limited sense of the future.  

DuPont's Camille Aylmer - Video Interview

A Long Corporate History With Sustainability
Multimedia with summary

Video4Good caught up with DuPont's Camille Aylmer at the COMMIT!Forum in New York.  In this video, Aylmer explains the importance of sustainability rankings and how Dupont's position among the Top 10 in the materials sector has emerged from a long corporate history with sustainability.  

Over 60 Projects Posted on New "Water Action Hub"

Press Release

NEW YORK, November 15, 2012 /3BL Media/ - The UN Global Compact Office today announced that 63 projects have been posted on the CEO Water Mandate's "Water Action Hub" since it was launched in August 2012 -- surpassing internal expectations and reinforcing the need for an international platform to showcase water stewardship initiatives and "match-make" organizations on collective-action projects within specific river basins.

Microsoft's Daniel Bross - COMMIT!Forum 2012

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Microsoft's Daniel Bross joined Video4Good at the recent COMMIT!Forum in New York and explained how the technology giant approaches corporate citizenship.  

GM Plans 500,000 Vehicles with Electrification by 2017

eAssist will be on ‘hundreds of thousands’ of vehicles
Press Release

DETROIT, November 15, 2012 /3BL Media/ - General Motors will have up to 500,000 vehicles on the road with some form of electrification by 2017 with a focus on plug-in technology, the company’s top product development executive said Wednesday.

The Elephant in the Room of Current Conflict Minerals Compliance ‘Solutions’

Press Release

November 15, 2012 /3BL Media/ - Companies have limited options to meet the requirements of Dodd-Frank Section 1502. Most companies don’t have human or capital resources to build an internal force to implement the supplier tracing, data collection and reporting required in the supplier due diligence process. To date, companies have had two options: 1) hire consultants on an hourly basis to collect supplier data, or 2) purchase 'do-it-yourself' software. The elephant in the room? Neither of these options includes sufficient resources to manage and verify the data.


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