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Safety Month: Be COVID-19 Safe

Ensuring our workspaces continue to be resilient against the COVID-19 pandemic by implementing responsive Health & Safety practices and resources

Join Tetra Tech in ensuring we all can continue to be resilient against the COVID-19 pandemic by implementing responsive Health & Safety (H&S) practices and resources.

Alkermes Celebrates Alcoholics Anonymous Founders Day

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Today on Alcoholics Anonymous Founders Day, we celebrate the recovery support and hope that Alcoholics Anonymous has provided so many people for 86 years! Thank you!

Safety Month: Enhancing Our Safety Program with Technology

Using Health & Safety tools and technology to ensure our global staff are operating safely and efficiently

The health and safety of employees is critical for our company’s success. Each year, Tetra Tech works on more than 65,000 projects globally, and each work environment requires technology and tools to support safe working conditions for our staff.

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Safety Month: Common Injuries and Avoidance

Choosing to be Safe Every Day in the field, in the office, and at home by using our Focus 4 Injury Prevention Program to help us avoid common types of injuries

Join Tetra Tech’s Health & Safety team in recognizing Safety Month during June by reaffirming our commitment to being Safe Every Day.

"I'm Incredibly Proud to Work at a Company Whose Mission Is To Help Families Like Mine"

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Jessica Veri is an Alkermes employee whose personal connection to mental health inspires her to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people living with serious mental illness.

Alkermes Celebrates Mental Health Month

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May is Mental Health Month! The COVID-19 pandemic has put mental health front and center. This month we encourage everyone to learn more, share resources, and consider how you can support those who are living with mental illness.

Lacing Up for Health After Beating COVID-19: Paulo's Story


Last month, Paulo Santos put on his running shoes and hit the road. But this wasn’t a normal, everyday run. Instead, he ran 20 miles from Freehold Township to Neptune Township in New Jersey.

Paulo had made the journey before, but not on foot. A little more than a year earlier, in March 2020, Paulo, who’d contracted COVID-19, was rushed in an ambulance from one hospital to the other to obtain access to an experimental treatment through a clinical study.

Paulo contracted COVID-19 fairly early, before much of the United States issued its shelter-in-place orders.

Chief Medical Officer of Maternal-Child Health Discusses Addressing Health Disparities in Maternal Care


The mortality rate for expectant Black mothers in America is twice as high as white mothers, according to America’s Health Rankings data. This is one of the widest disparities in women’s health, according to the report, but there are many more.

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A Clear Sign That UK Retailers and Consumer Brands Are Serious About Inspiring Healthier Behaviours


In 2019, members of The Consumer Goods Forum issued a clear call to action for retailers and manufacturers in the UK to come together to help tackle the UK’s growing range of public health issues on both diet and non-diet related issues. The Collaboration for Healthier Lives UK initiative was then born, with members agreeing on a series of in-store interventions across the London boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark, which are home to 600,000 residents and over 200 grocery stores.

XRHealth: Crossing Realities Into the Future of Telehealth


In times of uncertainty, society often turns to new and disruptive innovations to overcome its challenges. Nowhere is that timely statement more relevant than in remote health care.

One company that has been making great strides in this area is XRHealth, a premium virtual reality (VR) medical company, certified (ISO, FDA, and HIPAA compliant) to develop FDA/CE-registered medical applications.


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