Annual Ideagen Global Innovation 2030 Summit

Global Leaders & Luminaries from the world's leading Companies, NGOs and Public Sector convened at Microsoft in Seattle for the Annual Global Innovation 2030 Summit
Jun 14, 2019 7:40 PM ET
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Ideagen together with the world’s leading companies, NGOs, and public sector organizations assembled at Microsoft Headquarters in Seattle, WA for the Annual Ideagen Global Innovation 2030 Summit.

Ideagen -- Where the world’s leading companies, NGOs, and public sector organizations convene to innovate and collaborate to address the world’s most vexing issues.

Leading innovators, NGOs, and organizations in the public sector collaborated together for the Annual Ideagen Global Innovation 2030 Summit at Microsoft Headquarters in Seattle on June  4th, 2019. Individuals came together to generate new ideas regarding innovation and how it can improve our world. Topics included AI for All, Cross-Sector Global Digital Transformation, Digital Innovation in Education, Exploring what AI and robotics means for the future of the workforce, and many others. Specifically, this summit focused on how cross-sector collaboration and catalytic impact via innovation through a lens of technology can be used to address many of the world’s most vexing issues.  President of Microsoft U.S., Kate Johnson, summarized the day in her keynote address, teaching us all how to build community through belonging, connection, and purpose. ”Different leaders have different styles, but they all agree on one thing: people are what matter most.” Johnson’s powerful lessons included: “If you are trying to start a revolution, take yourself out of the office and get close to the problem.”

Ideagen Power Panels and Ideation sessions were moderated and lead by many cross-sector leaders, including Gretchen O’Hara, VP of Marketing at Microsoft; Dr. Sidhant Gupta, Advisory Board Chairman of Ideagen; Scott Saponas, Principal Architect at Microsoft; Peter Romeo, Director of Digital Media at Winsight Media;  Melissa Tizon, Associate Vice President of National Communication at Providence St. Joseph Health; Victor Bilgen, Director of Discovery at The McChrystal Group; Cricket Oles, Senior Associate at The McChrystal Group; Kiko Suarez, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at The American College of Education; and Patti Dobrowolski, Visual Thinker and Change Activator at Up Your Creative Genius.

Speakers included Patty Kuderer, Washington State Senator; Chaitra Vedullapalli, Founder + CMO of Meylah; Jill Angelo, Founder + CEO of Genneve Health; Kristen Miller, Co-Founder + CEO of Stylyze; Mary Heather Lines, President of Automaton; Jeff Terry, Global Head of Corporate Responsibility at Amway; Atul Tandon, CEO of Opportunity International; Maurizio Vecchione, Executive Vice President at IV/Global Goods; Kimberly Smith, Vice President of Global Ventures at  IBM; Gerton Van Den Akker, Chief of Staff and Head of Press for the EU Delegation to the UN; Ben Brown, Founder + CEO of the Association of Young Americans; Laura Gonia, Head of Marketing for ReachNow, BMW/Daimler; Michael Early, Head of Information Technology at Build-A-Bear; Mohamed Younis, Editor-In-Chief at Gallup; Jacob Wobbrock, Professor at the Information School at the University of Washington; Kat Steele, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Washington; Oscar Murillo, Creative Director of Ethics and Society at Microsoft; Heather Feldner, Physical Therapist at the University of Washington; Kate Johnson, President of Microsoft U.S. at Microsoft; Shannon Meade, Vice President of Public Policy for the National Restaurant Association; James Paretti, Shareholder at Littler; Eleni Papadakis, Executive Director of the Washington State  Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board, Lindsay-Rae McIntyre, Chief Diversity Officer at Microsoft; Melissa Tizon, Associate Vice President of National Communication at Providence St. Joseph Health; Wasif Rasheed, Senior Vice President + Head of Corporate Responsibility at Providence St. Joseph Health; B.J. Moore, Executive Vice President + Chief Information Officer at Providence St. Joseph Health; Sam Myers Sr., Former Advisor for the Office of the President; Sam Myers Jr., Senior Vice President of The OutCast Agency; and George Sifakis, Co-Founder, Global Chairman and CEO of Ideagen.

Ideagen’s Vice President of Global Operations, Christian Angelson stated:  “Every speaker had such profound insights and inspiring ideas of the future of innovation across all sectors.”

George Sifakis, Gretchen O’Hara, and Chaitra Vedullapalli concluded the day with an exciting announcement. “Ideagen is honored to be leading dialogue across the planet to build a common language and trust across the sectors as we convene the world’s leading organizations.  A special Thank you to Microsoft, presenting global partner of Ideagen and supporting and partner organizations including Women In Cloud, Global Good & Research, IBM, AARP, National Restaurant Association, The Walt Disney Company, Amway, Viacom, Opportunity International and so many other world class organizations for their commitment to Ideagen and cross-sector collaboration and innovation."

Microsoft's Gretchen O'Hara announced their backing of women tech entrepreneurs through Microsoft's Cloud Accelerator Program global expansion. “In partnership with Ideagen and Women in Cloud, will extend the reach of its Accelerators to eight additional countries, with programs planned for: Canada, France, Germany, India, Kenya, South Africa, the UAE and the UK. The program will also expand within the United States with a cohort in New York City launching September 2019 with another to launch in Chicago later in Fall 2019.”

Ideagen’s leadership includes George Sifakis, Founder and CEO of Ideagen; Adriana Sifakis, Co-Founder, Global Chairman and CEO; Dr. Kenneth Moritsugu, Chairman Emeritus; Kevin Donnellan, Chairman Impact & Thought Leadership Council; Gretchen O’Hara, Co-Chair, Impact & Thought Leader Council; and Dr. Sidhant Gupta, Chairman of the Board.

The Ideagen Global Innovation 2030 Summit was made possible with our globally presenting member, Microsoft. Ideagen is focused on connecting cross-sector innovators from the world's leading organizations with all different starting points, capabilities, perspectives, and goals.

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