Arbor Day Foundation Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary of the Evergreen Alliance

May 13, 2020 8:00 AM ET
Multimedia with summary

It has now been one year since we launched the Time for Trees initiative, as well as our Evergreen Alliance, a select group of Arbor Day Foundation partners and collaborators. The Evergreen Alliance members are committed to advancing trees and forests as natural solutions for corporate sustainability and citizenship goals. This community of leaders drives innovation, discovery, and action in our work to plant trees, engage tree planters, and elevate awareness of the value of natural and community forests. They challenge us to be at our best, as together we strive for high-impact outcomes that change the world.

Take a moment to watch the video here about how together with our Evergreen Alliance, we at the Arbor Day Foundation have made great progress on achieving the goals of the Time for Trees initiative. Contact us to learn more about how to join the Evergreen Alliance at, and the healthier, more sustainable, and greener future we can create together through trees.

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Arbor Day Foundation
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