CLP’s Sustainable Path to Build a Utility of the Future

Apr 1, 2020 8:30 AM ET
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The CLP Group’s latest Sustainability Report highlights the Company’s strategies to navigate transformative global megatrends and chart a sustainable path to build a Utility of the Future.

In the 2019 Sustainability Report, CLP focuses on responding to climate change, technology, cyber resilience and workforce transformation, the topics identified as the most material to the Group and its stakeholders. The report continues to offer comprehensive coverage on the Company’s performance on a wide range of standard environmental, social and governance topics.

In view of accelerated climate change, decarbonisation remains fundamental to CLP’s business strategy. In December 2019, the Group released its updated Climate Vision 2050, taking further actions to decarbonise its generation portfolio in Asia Pacific.

The Group also made further progress with its digitalisation strategies, and continued to reinforce the resilience of its information systems and strengthen data protection. For instance, it has been developing innovative solutions to improve energy efficiency, while deploying new technological capabilities to pursue new lines of business.

Workforce transformation is key to CLP’s commitment to empower customers in the ongoing energy transition, and the Group has taken steps to attract and retain the right talent, as well as upgrade the skills of its workforce to innovate in a digitalised world.

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Stakeholders who send feedback to CLP on its reports on or before 30 June 2020 will receive four CLP Carbon Credits. Share your views on the Sustainability Report here.