Community First: Building Latinx Wealth

Aug 16, 2021 9:00 AM ET
Multimedia with summary

On this episode, Rita Soledad Fernández Paulino shares her journey to debt free and how she’s breaking the stigma around money talk in her community. Then, Carla sits down with Beatriz Acevedo, entrepreneur and co-founder of SUMA Wealth, a digital platform that empowers the Latinx community to build wealth.

On this episode, we’re tackling the racial wealth gap from the perspective of two strong Latina founders who are flipping the script around finance in their communities. We hear from Rita Soledad Fernandez Paulino, the financial literacy influencer behind Wealth Para Todos, an online community that was born of Soledad’s own journey to become debt free. Then, host Carla Harris sits down with media entrepreneur Beatriz Acevedo, a former television host who found her voice in advocating for financial literacy in diverse communities after her own money troubles. She now leads SUMA Wealth, an online platform she co-founded to create financial education content that speaks to Latinx youth. Come on and join us for the ride.