LBG Canada Trends in Leveraging External Resources (Part III)

best practices to maximize your ERL
Mar 25, 2014 11:25 AM ET
Multimedia with summary

The attached infographic illustrates LBG Canada company community investment trends specific to the leveraging of external resources.

Previously in this series, we discussed the concept of external resources leveraged (read more here), the value it offers to an overall community investment portfolio and how employee giving, external cash and external in-kind contributions can create value (read more here). This week’s infographic highlights how LBG Canada companies strive to maximize their leverage.

First, a thoughtful ERL strategy is required; to 1) convene the right stakeholders, 2) build partnerships and 3) communicate value. So, implementing ERL strategy requires management resource.

Second, companies are more likely to be successful when goals & targets are clear – this is an underlying principle of all successful implementation.

Finally, companies must track results in order to inform future strategy and communicate results to stakeholders.

With this approach, maximizing external resources leveraged (ERL) can be a fundamental part of a successful community investment strategy.

For previous analysis on employee engagement and giving, please see previous infographics from this series, visit our website at or contact SiMPACT Strategy Group at 403.444.5683.