MetLife 2019 Sustainability Report: Creating Value as an Investor

Aug 21, 2020 9:00 AM ET
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MetLife Investment Management is committed to responsible investing and applying ESG practices across our full portfolio of assets. This enables us to invest in ways that support sustainable long-term returns while also contributing to social and environmental benefits. - Steven Goulart Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, MetLife, Inc., and President, MetLife Investment Management

MetLife is committed to delivering long-term value for all our stakeholders as we navigate a time of unprecedented change together. MetLife also includes our institutional investment management business, MetLife Investment Management (MIM), which manages MetLife’s general account portfolio. MIM aims to deliver risk-adjusted returns for our investors by building tailored portfolio solutions that encompass environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria. Institutional investors turn to MIM for its long-established experience in combining a client-centric approach with deep asset class expertise. Focused on managing Public Fixed Income, Private Capital, and Real Estate assets, we emphasize listening, strategizing, and constant collaboration so that our investing decisions create long-term sustainable value for all. We proudly leverage the broader resources and more than 150-year history of MetLife, navigating ever-changing markets and building a more confident future in an effort to catalyze progress across social and environmental issues. We are institutional, but far from typical.

2019 Progress Highlights

~$58 billion

  • At the end of 2019, MIM’s responsible investments under management (see page 48 for further information) totaled ~$58 billion.

ESG Integration Council

  • Launched an ESG Integration Council with crossfunctional representatives to better coordinate and integrate ESG policies and practices internally.

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