Sappi North America's 2016 Sustainability Goals: Prosperity

Aug 1, 2017 4:30 PM ET
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At Sappi North America, we are committed to operating our businesses in a sustainable manner. Together with the 2020Vision, Sappi’s global growth strategy, we use our sustainability goals program to set targets, initiate improvement actions and monitor progress.

Achieve or Exceed 12 Percent Return on Net Operating Assets

Return on net operating assets (RONOA) is a core measure of the performance of our operations and the ability to effectively use our asset base to generate profit. Our 2016 result shows continuing improvement (compared to the two prior years) despite continued soft market conditions in some of Sappi’s North American core businesses in the areas of demand and import pressure. The improvement was driven by a combination of favorable raw material costs and strong performance in our dissolving wood pulp business. The increased flexibility we built into our manufacturing systems in 2013 continues to provide our operations personnel with more tools to manage the business. Our planned US $25 million upgrade in the Somerset woodyard is the next investment intended to grow and improve our manufacturing facilities. Our teams work hard to achieve increased operational efficiencies while closely managing both fixed and variable costs.

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