Schneider Electric Tomorrow Rising Web Series: Pierre

Nov 15, 2019 3:40 PM ET
Multimedia with summary

Schneider Electric presents Tomorrow Rising: a web series showcasing our international energy training program for determined people and young entrepreneurs from underprivileged backgrounds.

This is Pierre. He’s now a teacher in Mbour in Senegal, but not so long ago he was a brilliant student. Discover how he change the lives of people around him in his little town in the next Schneider Electric web series “Tomorrow Rising,” out on October 2nd 2019! 

We warmly thank Gurdeep, Pierre, Vitor and Yeye, their families and training centers: the CICI Academy for skills in India, the Frédéric Ozanam Training Center in Senegal, the Lins University Center – UNILINS in Brazil and the National Training Power Institute of Nigeria (NAPTIN). 

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