Tech for Change — How Developers Can Boost Performance in a Braille Tablet With the Qualcomm

Jan 30, 2020 12:45 PM ET

Editor’s note: is a comprehensive source of information about consumer electronics and technology. Its “Tech for Change” series of content shines a spotlight on technical innovations that make a meaningful impact. A recent article featured HumanWare, whose BrailleNote Touch Plus is an Android tablet equipped with a movable, braille display for vision-impaired users. Mistral Solutions provided the engineering design services.

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Mobile developers make a lot of assumptions in creating apps, but one of the biggest is that users can see the screen. What do you do when you can’t assume that?

Making a tablet useful to vision-impaired users takes tight integration between special hardware (keyboard, screen, camera) and software (braille reading application and encoding/decoding algorithms). Keeping it useful for the long haul takes smartphone-caliber processing and continuous Android updates.

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