Tork Clean Care Infographic: Manufacturing Facility Dispenser Placement

Here's the Tork Clean Care program guide to safely manufacturing facility dispenser replacements
Sep 8, 2020 9:35 AM ET
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1. Entrances & locker rooms

Place hand sanitizers at the entrance to your facility for workers and visitors alike. Ensure employees complete thorough handwashing upon arrival at work. Locker rooms should be equipped with minimum one soap dispenser for every two handwashing sinks. Place high capacity paper towel dispensers and foot-operated waste bins near sinks.

2. High touch area

When hand washing is not possible, sanitizer can be used if hands aren’t visibly soiled. Accessible and visible dispensers throughout the facility will encourage employee use. If a dispenser cannot be mounted to a wall, use a free standing hygiene stand.

3. Operational zones

Employees should maintain appropriate distance at all times. Zones can be clearly marked to help guide employees as they work. Each zone should have easy access to supplies for production and maintenance tasks, as well as surface cleaning and hand hygiene.
Placing wiper dispensers nearby will encourage regular surface cleaning of high-touch areas and reduce employee movement to gather supplies.

4. Manufacturing floor/production lines

Many machine surfaces can be high-touch points, including interfaces operated through touch screens. These screens should be sanitized regularly. Using dispensers with flexible mounting options, including magnets, can ensure a clean wiper is available close to the point of use. Availability of wipes encourages regular surface cleaning.

5. Operator/Maintenance equipment and tools

It is important for maintenance staff to avoid sharing any tools or materials with other employees, if possible. Individual portable wiper solutions packaged in a box or bucket are easy to carry to the point of use and can be assigned to one employee to reduce cross contamination.

6. Common spaces

Common spaces used for breaks must be equipped with easy to access hygiene solutions - including soap, paper hand towels, sanitizer and wipes to clean down surfaces. Use high capacity dispensers with one-at-a-time dispensing to ensure availability throughout shifts and reduce cross contamination as only the user touches what they need. Place dispensers in easily accessible locations in plain sight to encourage greater use.