Video: How Do You Invest Directly In Green Assets For Sustainable Growth?

Aug 26, 2015 10:00 AM ET
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Old Mutual Investment Group Head of Sustainability Research and Engagement, Jon Duncan, answers the question: "How do you invest directly in sustainable growth?"

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Old Mutual is serious about raising awareness about responsible investment, and in June 2015 Old Mutual Investment Group held a conference in South Africa where the central theme was responsible investment, with an emphasis on green economic growth, referring to investments in assets that contribute to the transition to a low-carbon, socially equitable economy. Responsible investment, along with financial wellbeing,  is at the heart of the Group’s Positive Futures Plan.

We also introduced Tomorrow, as invested as you are – a compendium of essays by Old Mutual Investment Group professionals, as well as a selection of external contributors who are well respected in their fields of endeavor: climate change, green economic development, corporate governance and integrated reporting.  a thought leadership publication.

You can view the full series of conference presentations on YouTube.

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