ESG Investors Energized by Regulatory Rollbacks

Regulatory rollbacks, along with proposals to cut the budget of the regulating EPA by 24% and its staff by one-fifth, have energized values-driven investors. Since the November election, ESG investors have put $383 million into ESG stock funds, according to EPFR Global, quoted in a recent Barron’s article. Barron’s says ESG factors “could prove especially useful in evaluating companies if the administration rolls back regulation.” Transparency could be another issue. The SEC had been considering a requirement for ESG disclosure from companies, a measure now likely to be discarded. And the Senate just rolled back a rule that required energy and mining companies to report payments to foreign governments. Says Lisa Woll, head of US SIF, which advocates for sustainable and responsible investing: “All this could lead investors to pressure companies themselves.” And that could lead to better business.

John Howell, Editorial Director

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