Gender Pay Gap Compounded by Unequal Rate of Raises

A new study shows that women workers ask for raises just as often as men, but that men were more likely to get a pay boost. Research found that men got a raise 20 percent of the time, compared with 16 percent for women. Can anyone spell “discrimination?" The study looked at 4,600 employees at 840 workplaces in Australia, so while extrapolated comparisons with US and UK practices aren’t exact, they’re close, reports the NY Times. The encouraging news: women under 40 were found to be getting raises at a similar rate as their male colleagues. The question to be answered, say the report authors, is whether pay will continue to be equal as women rise to more senior ranks. The answer could determine how much progress is being made to level the playing field in equal pay for equal work.

John Howell, Editorial Director

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