It’s Pride Month All Year Long

Brands that have been strongly supportive of LGBTQ+ rights during Pride Month (June) are making commitments for year-round initiatives. And some of them are not the usual suspects. For example, the online gaming community, not known for its inclusivity, now includes ongoing efforts by Twitch, Amazon’s gaming platform. After last year’s launch of #TwitchUnity, this year the company used the website to highlight prominent members of the LGBTQ+ community, raise money for LGBTQ+ causes, create permanent emotes for its chat function, and team up with the It Gets Better Project to empower employees to share their support for LGBTQ+ youth around the world. It’s a reminder that all the special “days,” “weeks,” and “months” dedicated to good causes and good works must extend past their “sell date” if substantial, meaningful progress is going to make headway against the prevailing winds of the status quo.

John Howell, Editorial Director