Mandated CSR: A 2017 Update

How is mandated CSR working in India? In 2013, it became the first country to require CSR from corporations with revenues of more than $130 million in the form of giving two percent of their profits to charities. Fully implemented in 2014, the law's effects to date are analyzed in the Nonprofit Quarterly. Interviews with 39 leaders of India’s largest NGOs reveal “a sector that is still in the early stages of getting organized.” The opportunity is big and optimism is high: “the combination of mature grant-makers, a robust economy, and new technology platforms give India’s civil society and philanthropic sector new hope to address major challenges that had previously been viewed as too big to impact.” The NGOs have offered three core recommendations to make more progress more quickly: read the details in the original report from American Bazaar.

John Howell, Editorial Director

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