Startups Should Include CSR—from the Start

Starting up a new business is a daunting task, one that requires a big investment of resources, both financial and human, to pull off successfully. Mission-driven startups often assume that their core message “covers” the CSR component of a new business, and that the work staff can then focus on the basic nuts and bolts of organizing a new company. Not so, says Tiffany Apczynski, VP of Public Policy and Social Impact at Zendesk, in a blog on StartupSmart. She argues that CSR is a major competitive advantage for startups, a point of difference that offers a large opportunity for new businesses. Her tips for making CSR an active part of a startup include 1) Don’t overthink it, start small, 2) listen and learn before starting partnerships, and 3) measure results. Smart advice.

John Howell, Editorial Director