Wanted: More “Can Do” Business Stories in Major Press

Every day, I scan the mainstream press for my daily dose of financial and business news that defines the state of the economy. I see a lot of bad news, and some good news. Striking examples of each landed in my inbox today (Thursday, 10/6). The WSJ’s story could not have piled on more doom and gloom: “Worries Deepen that Globalization is Hitting the Skids” (italics mine).The article lays out multiple problems but not one possible solution. By contrast, the NY Times published a feature about a “can do” company: “MailChimp and the Un-Silicon Valley Way to Make It as a Start-Up: No venture capital, No Bay Area presence, No crazy burn rate.” If you want to know more about business, better, which kind of story would you like to read more of?

John Howell, Editorial Director

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