Water Scarcity Challenge Offers $1 Million for Innovations

Here’s some numbers to think about: the 54 percent of the world population currently living in urban areas will rise to 66 percent by 2050, according to the UN. By 2030, the UN predicts a global shortfall in the global water supply of 40 percent. Problem: how is safe water to be made available in this massively built up urban environment? In response, “waterpreneurs” from over 25 countries have signed up for the Imagine H2O Urban Water Scarcity Challenge, an initiative that offers up to $1 million in awards and follow-up investment for solutions. Sponsored by Bluewater and 11thHour Racing, the program invites innovative technologies that lead to action re. urban water scarcity. The bottom line: it will take human ingenuity to resolve issues raised by human activity.

John Howell, Editorial Director