Trim Tab v.27 - The Equity Issue

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Dec 9, 2015 3:00 PM ET

Trim Tab Magazine is the International Living Future Institute's quarterly, online publication that is awash with provocative articles, interviews and news on the issues, designs, and people that are truly transforming the built environment.

This issue shares stories of heroes who are proving that we can choose to work toward communities that are inclusive and robust for every person.

  • Action: #OurLivingFuture
  • People: Witness Change with Robin Hammond
  • Design: Equity + the Living Building Challenge
  • Thought: The Habitat of Humanity


By Amanda Sturgeon

The Institute's incoming CEO lays out her vision for the organization and issues a call to action to communities. Read more...

TRANSFORMATIONAL PEOPLE | Witness Change with Robin Hammond

By Krista Elvey

Photographer Robin Hammond shares insights on his slate of philanthropic projects that showcase some of the world’s most flagrant and underreported human rights issues. Read more...

TRANSFORMATIONAL DESIGN | Equity and the Living Building Challenge

By Tara J Barauskas + Brita Carlson

Providing affordable rental housing in conjunction with supportive services is one of the most effective ways to keep people off of the street. Read how for more than 27 years, ACOF, a non-profit affordable housing developer based in Los Angeles, has been working to provide housing to underserved populations. Read more...

TRANSFORMATIONAL THOUGHT | The Habitat of Humanity: A Wild to Clinical Continuum

By Jason F. McLennan

Jason McLennan challenges us to consider how the radical change in our homes, offices and cities are affecting us. Suggesting that it’s time for us to explore the short- and long-term effects our new habitat is imposing on our species and the environment. Read more...

Canary in the Coal Mine

By Joanna Gangi

Vulnerable communities are on the frontlines in the colossal fight against human induced climate change. Climate change disproportionately affects minority and low-income communities, and the mainstream environmental movement needs to broaden its current scope. Explore the diverse impacts of climate change around the world—from West Virginia to the Marshall Islands—and consider what steps need to be taken to prevent already vulnerable communities from this very real threat. Read more...

The Reality of a Fair Wage

By Francis Janes

What can companies to do to show they are an equitable workplace that fosters fairness, diversity and safety? In an increasingly competitive global business landscape companies need to recruit and retain engaged, happy and productive employees. Read about the need to make changes, the gender income disparity, and the tools to create more inclusive and just environments.

Making Homelessness Rare, Brief and One-time

By Mark Putnam

King County is the economic engine of the Pacific Northwest. Some of the world’s most prosperous companies, abundant natural beauty and influential hubs of creativity and entrepreneurship lie within the county’s borders. But for all of the prosperity within the region, the county is experiencing a homelessness crisis. Read about the steps local leaders are taking to combat homelessness in King County, Washington.

In the Wake of Development: Breaking the Pattern of Displacement

By Adam Amrhein

For the past year, a team led by the International Living Future Institute and many community partners has been working to create a Living Community vision for Seattle’s First Hill neighborhood. Read about how this vision reverses the trend of degradation and displacement and creates a people-centered model that adds value to the many ecosystem services that are vital to building healthy, resilient and inclusive communities. 

The Dawn of A New Era: Solar in the Tar Sands

By Melina Laboucan-Massimo

The community of Little Buffalo situated in the northern part of Alberta, Canada, is working toward a brighter future after years of battling the negative impacts of the tar sands. United by their community, they are fighting against the tar sand polluters and are working toward a clean energy future. Read more...

Hope in Hazelwood: Responding to Injustice through Collaborative Sustainable Architecture

By Gabe Dunsmith

Pittsburgh’s Hazelwood neighborhood has suffered in recent decades as American manufacturers have sent operations overseas and shuttered their U.S. factories. Students from Carnegie Melon's School of Architecture are working with the Hazelwood community to create  a case study for a radical new kind of development. Read more...